About us

Temsu. Santeri. Aki. Juska.

Total Recall is:
Juska - vocals
Santeri - guitar
Temsu - bass/vocals
Aki - drums

Past members:
Visa-Matti - drums (2009)

Four dudes from Jyväskylä, Finland. We've been doing this since 2009. Started out with Negative Approach -covers, ended up playing Hendrix a few years later.

This band is about freedom of expression. About anger. About frustration. Depression. Heartbreak. This band is about all those things, it's about putting them together in a fist and shoving that fist up your ass.

"It's like, if Black Flag had a baby with Siege, that would be your band."
- Some guy after our show in Copenhagen on our 2012 tour

"I wasn't sure what to expect of them. I knew I'd be able to enjoy this sort of punk music to some extent but I was a bit afraid of them just turning out to be one of those mediocre hardcore bands that don't really move you one way or the other. Total Recall played a blistering set full of chaos and audio shock. Even though Suisto Klubi is not really one of those places where the crowd gets really into the band and start fucking shit up, I still felt like I was at an authentic hardcore gig. The gig ended prematurely due to the bassist mislocating his knee which probably says a lot in itself."
- Damned By Light -webzine (see the full gig report here)