lauantai 5. toukokuuta 2012

Eurotour with Antiklimax

We're gonna have this little trip with our friends from Antiklimax next month. We're planning to play Sweden, Denmark and Germany. There's still a couple of dates missing a show, so if you have a venue, or know someone who does, help us out! We're ready to play anywhere. If you want to help us, mail to A million thanks if you do.

See you at the shows!

fri 8.6. Göteborg @ Härden
sat 9.6. Jönköping @ Kulturhuset Insikten
sun 10.6. Cobenhagen/Malmö/?? HELP NEEDED!!
mon 11.6. day off
tue 12.6. day off
wed 13.6. Germany HELP NEEDED!!
thu 14.6. Germany HELP NEEDED!!
fri 15.6. Berlin @ Koma F
sat 16.6. Leipzig Liwi

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