keskiviikko 11. heinäkuuta 2012

July 2012

What's up? So we've been doing lots of things recently, haven't had the time to update this page for a while. The tour with Antiklimax went great. Thanks to everyone who came to see us, gave us a place to sleep, hung out with us, bought our records and shirts and to the venues and their people. We had a blast. I'll write some more about the trip later.

Last weekend we played at Hässäkkä-päivät -festival in Oulu. We put up a few videos from the show on our YouTube -channel. If you weren't there, go check them out. Next month we'll play at Helsinki as the warm-up for the Adolescents. Damn... If you're around, see you there! Until then, go pick up your copy of What I've Seen and be sure to check this site every now and then for updates. I'll try to keep you on the map with our stuff.

By the way, I'm starting to arrange some shows for us for the upcoming winter / next spring. If you want us to come to your town, were it anywhere in the world, please: write me and let me know where to go, who to ask, etc. We will be there, if possible.

Until next time,

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