lauantai 29. joulukuuta 2012

2012 revisited

Okay, so, the year is coming to an end and I thought I should write some thoughts down about this year and tell you a little bit of the plans we have for 2013.

This year we had lots of things happening. Recorded and released What I've Seen, had a bunch of shows and got to play outside Finland for the first time. This year truly had some positive surprises - for example, the show we got to play with the Adolescents or the incredible response we had at our shows during our first European tour - and I'm really grateful for all of them. For me, personally, this year has been pretty much the worst year I have ever had in my life and words can't describe the importance this band and all the things related to it has for me. Thanks for keeping me alive. Especially you, Aki, Santeri and Temsu. Love you guys.

Next year our drummer Aki will start his military service, so I guess we're gonna be pretty quiet for a while when that happens, but during the first six months of 2013 we're gonna play some shows and possibly record some new songs too. We were supposed to do a weekend tour with Pigeon Hunt and Iron Boris in the middle of January, but Pigeon Hunt had to cancel, so we're only gonna do the show we have with Iron Boris in Helsinki on Thursday the 17th. During March/April we're gonna do a bunch of shows with Lighthouse Project. Right now we have shows booked to Finland, Denmark and Germany but there's still plenty of open dates left. If you want us to play somewhere near you, email me.

I hope you all had a fun Christmas and wish you all the best for 2013. See you next year!

- Juska

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