tiistai 1. heinäkuuta 2014

"Making come true our modest impossible dreams.."

Hello there.

I could say that this summer has sure been a quiet one, at least from this band's point of view. Let me share a few words about this year: the things that have happened and the things that are about to happen.

As some of you may recall, this year marked the fifth anniversary of that magical evening that can also be called our first rehearsals. It's funny how things sometimes go. This band was supposed to be just a funny side project but here we are, five years later, making a full-length album that's as serious as one can be. Unlike those first rehearsals or that drunken demo tape we did later that year, this one includes no funny business. At all. But yeah, the show we had at Ilokivi this year was very nice. The pit even had some flying chairs and tables in it. That's something you don't see too often here in Finland!

Jyrock 12.4.2014 by Jyri Kiuru

A month later we played Ilokivi again, this time at the legendary club festival called Jyrock and it was a blast. Also, quite an honor to be there representing our hometown and the whole punk rock thing. Probably something people didn't expect though but that's the case with us: we want to surprise people. For me the show was pretty special for the fact that in between songs I got to read some of my self-written poems. For the first time ever. It made the whole experience a lot different. After the show we had a couple of interviews, one of them can be viewed below (spoken in finnish).

Kulttuuriyhdistys TUFF: Jyrock - Total Recall haastattelu from Kulttuuriyhdistys TUFF! on Vimeo.

And then there was that one show at Kuudes Linja, Helsinki. Oh shit, where do I even begin? Well, during the first time this band performed on stage, Santeri and Temsu took off their sweaters and realized they both wore a Cro-Mags t-shirt underneath. I guess that alone says a bit, heh..

But for me it wasn't just about seeing them live and sharing the stage with them - it was about the friendship between us, Upright (who, if you didn't know, also played there and happen to be the best fucking band in Finland hardcore-wise) and the show's promoters Samuli, Jaakko and Mikko, who also come from Central Finland. When we were starting out as little kids, going to our first punk/hardcore shows together and then booking our own first shows for our own shitty bands, we sure as hell didn't know it would go this far. And for that I'm truly grateful. After the show we we even got invited to Bassoradio where we had a chat with Ina Mikkola, got to play our favorite bands on finnish radiowaves and fool around in the studio with John Joseph and the guys from Upright. Even when talking about it afterwards like this, the whole night still feels a bit unreal. If Total Recall died right now, I would be more than satisfied..

Kuudes Linja 27.4.2014 by Jetro Stavén.

...but of course, we're not gonna stop moving just yet. Still lots of things to do and see. The LP is starting to be in shape and hopefully we can get it out before the end of this year. If you have a label and think you could help us with the damn thing, get in touch! We might have some demo tracks for you, too.

We're about to record the yet-to-be-named album after this summer and right now it contains about 11 tracks. The video below includes one of them.

As for shows, we're playing this little festival called Kadun Kieli in Jokela, Finland on Saturday the 19th of July. For more info about other artists and such, visit the festival's Facebook-page or their website.

We don't have anything else right now, but the table is set and the urge to tour is HUGE. So, if you'd like to see us at your city/hometown, hook us up with contacts and we'll try our best to get there! We already have some touring plans for 2015, but nothing worth mentioning yet. We're looking forward to play in as many new cities/countries as we can though. Let's hope for the best.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and keep your eyes and ears open. Lots of good things are about to come.

- Juska

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