torstai 5. maaliskuuta 2015


21 years ago
a joyful son was born
in front of him he had a grave new world
countless stories untold
but little did he know

that when the curtain unfolds

the world would strike him down
that it would make him feel so bad
that it would take his life
and turn it upside down
that it would leave him with nothing
it wouldn't give him a thing
leave him in apathy
all alone in his agony

in his childhood memories
the world seemed much brighter
and in his childhood dreams
adult life much lighter
with no money, with no home
with no future, with no hope
he wrote a letter
and this is what it said:

"mother, father
sister, brother
the joyful son
is turning into a sad one
you see the life he's had
it can make a good man turn bad"

he hates this world
and he wants it to die
he hates its people
and he wants them to die
but most of all
he hates

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